Friday, January 6, 2017


Assignment questions

Types of Industries

Characteristics of Industrial wastes

Effects of industrial wastes on streams, land and human health

Environmental legislation related to industrial effluents and hazardous wastes

Self-purification of water bodies

Streeter-phelps equation

Manufacturing processes & wastewater characteristics and treatment of wastes from

Sources, classification and effects of air pollutants

Meteorology of air pollutants

Wind rose diagrams

Lapse rates, atmospheric stability and dispersion of air pollutants

Stack height calculation

Ambient air quality monitoring

Stack sampling and analysis of air pollutants

Air quality standards

Methods of air pollution control - zoning, source correction,

Control of SPM by equipment (gravitation, centrifugation, filtration, scrubbing, electrostatic precipitation)

Selection of proper equipment

Gaseous pollutant control by absorption, condensation and combustion

Need for EIA

Objectives of EIA

Capabilities and limitations of EIA

Methods of EIA

Baseline data collection required for EIA

Evaluation of Impacts

Prediction of impacts

Preparation of EMP

Preparation of EIAs of road project, industry and dam

Issues related to rehabilitation and resettlement of displaced communities


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