Friday, March 24, 2017

Wind rose diagrams

Wind rose is defined as "any one class of diagrams designed to show the distribution of wind direction experienced at a given location over a considerable period."

  • Wind rose shows the prevailing direction of wind. 
  • It consists of a circle from which eight or sixteen lines emerge
  • Each line signifies a specific direction
  • Length of a line is proportional to frequency of wind from that direction
  • Frequency of calm conditions is entered in the center
  • Wind roses are constructed from data obtained over a particular month, season or year
  • Wind direction refers to the direction FROM which wind is blowing
  • Sometimes, instead of wind speed, the parameters of precipitation, smoke, sulphur dioxide, smok, hydrocarbons, etc are attached to wid direction. These diagrams are known as POLLUTION ROSES.

Diagram of a typical wind rose is shown below:

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